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the suppliers

Tired of writing down quotes for clients who want to spend less?

Discover what they are willing to spend now and see if it is convenient for you!!

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the buyer

Tired of scouting among thousands of offers that do not show hidden costs?

What Is Viceversa Market?

Viceversa is the first e-commerce and e-services platform where the final client makes a money offer to purchase goods or services from professional operators and suppliers. It is a c2b deal, totally different from all others existing ones (usually b2c). This is a very effective instrument available to suppliers in order to acquire clients worldwide by paying only in case of a successful sale. For client, viceversa is the ideal instrument to select suppliers in function of own real money expenditure resources.

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No matter what you are looking for, You will fit your budget, & you will save much more than money... You will save what can't be bought... YOUR PRECIOUS TIME

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No more endless quotes

No more paying for ads hoping that someone will answer

Endless Purchases

Pay only if you know you can be competitive

No more old stock to be kept waiting For sale season!

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